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My Two Cents: An Admission

Auguste Roc

"You don't want to be just a fan. You want to be a player."

I heard an announcer say this once.

When you arrive at the stadium... you don't want to be just a fan. You want to be a player."

The sports announcer was describing the feeling that he got when he finally arrived at the game. His statement resonates with me because it stems from his passion and love for the game. Recently I was talking to a friend about Morningside Heights, the New York City neighborhood where I grew up. I have lot of memories, mostly great ones, of Morningside and my childhood experiences there. I described the beauty of the area and how Columbia University's college campus as magnificent and I felt fortunate that it was right “in my backyard”.

I shared about my basketball battle grounds and how I reveled in them. I talked about the rich traditions of both my grade school and my high school. I was sharing all of this when it occurred to me that my passion and my appreciation for Morningside Heights and the way that I grew up was as a result of the fact that - I played. I really played.

As a kid, when I got home to Morningside I didn't want to just sit back and admire the neighborhood from my window. I didn't want to be just a fan. I wanted to go out and play. Often in life, we'll find ourselves admiring and being in awe when what we really want to do is get in on the action. It is easy to sit back and become a mere observer, cheering another guy on when, to be on the court would be so much better.

Are you running the risk of reducing your own journey to a stint in the stands? Which I guess might be alright unless the game calls to you like the game called to that announcer or like?Morningside Heights called to me.

Resist the temptation to be just a fan if it is really in your heart --


That's my two cents (for whatever it's worth),

Auguste Roc

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