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My Two Cents: Chairman of the Boards

Auguste Roc

ďRebounding is not an activity for the meek or timid,Ē I thought as I watched a game on T.V. the other night.

Attempting to rebound in basketball is one of the most physically demanding and mentally challenging aspects of the game. And, it doesnít matter whether itís a pick-up game in the schoolyard or a playoff game in the NBA.

To retrieve a loose ball, after the shot has been missed; to possess the presence of mind to go back in and back up, requires tenacity, courage and self sacrifice.

Bodies colliding, elbows flying and the force of fierce opposition, all have to be contended with if you want another chance to score; if youíre going to stand a chance to win.

When a shot at the goal is attempted, players instinctively enter the fray to do battle. They are on a mission to snatch another chance; to gain position and stand their ground.

To rebound the ball, is to refuse to give in.

The best players in the game must be great rebounders. Thereís just no two ways about it. Athletes, in the effort to give their team another opportunity to score, are always concerned with the rebound.

In whatever game you are playing in life, are you taking your rebounding seriously? Are you willing to demonstrate tenacity, courage and sacrifice yourself for opportunity to take another shot?

Whether itís at work or at play, we all want second chances and opportunities to try again to make the shot. When you take a risk and the shot fails to go in, donít forsake the REBOUND!

Attempt to shoot again!

It doesnít matter if itís a pick-up game or youíre playing the game of your life -- approach your games with resiliency. Be relentless about going back up for the shot. Give yourself another chance to score, so youíll have another chance to win.

Thatís my two centís (for whatever itís worth).

Auguste Roc

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