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My Two Cents: Pay Your Respects

Auguste Roc

There is a particular reverence that is expressed by those that have committed to a lifestyle of health and fitness; a reverence that acknowledges and respects the sacrifice, focus and discipline that it takes to be true to the commitment.

When I speak to “the guys” about their training habits and their fitness goals, they use terms that are not necessarily associated with a workout at the gym:

passion, sanctuary, meditative, sacred, retreat, love

to describe their perspective and approach to fitness.

It’s apparent to these guys that to become effective and reach the pinnacle of fitness, there must be a reverence for the process.

They’re clear in their understanding of what it takes for them to achieve their fitness goals and they are intentional about their respect for what it means.

The guys understand that reverence to the process; paying homage to it, is necessary to fulfill the commitment.

But isn’t that just the way that it is in life –


A reverent perspective and approach to whatever it is you are taking on, is necessary to ultimately succeed. That particular brand of mental discipline and physical conditioning contributes to a quality of life that satisfies, overall. It improves the quality of relationships and empowers to produce results.

So as you take on whatever you’ve got going on today, steal a chapter from “the guys at the gym” –

Revere the goal, that you may reach the pinnacle.

That’s my two cent’s (for whatever it’s worth).

Auguste Roc

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