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My Two Cents: Harmony

Auguste Roc

When Gussie was eleven years old and attending a summer arts camp in the Midwest, she played the violin as a member of the Junior Orchestra.

One of the primary objectives of her conductor that summer was to strengthen the ability in each of the students to play well, and to play beyond the level of each one as an individual; to expand their capacity of each one to play as a team.

For the entire four weeks of camp the kids focused on, not only the compositions they learned to play, but also on seeking to appreciate the significance of the role and the responsibility of the other members of the group.


At the final concert, when the conductor, after introducing the kids and the piece that they were about to play, announced that she would leave the stage and that the kids would play without a conductor as a demonstration of what they had learned about working as a team, we all held our breath and we listened, as a group of eleven year old kids played Brandenburg's Concerto as beautifully as it has ever been performed anywhere and -

they played as one.

I hope you'll take a moment to listen:

Click here to listen.

Everything just works better when every player, not only plays his part well, but plays in full consideration of all of the other parts that every other player has to play.

That's my two cent's (for whatever it's worth).

Auguste Roc

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