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Double Minded

Auguste Roc "You can't rely solely on playing defense if what you want to do is,


Any good player in any game that is played understands that in order to be competitive, in order to be victorious, you need to approach and play the game with a balance of both defense and offense.

One without the other in a game is strategically ineffective. Your defense is there to prevent the opposition from scoring and your offense is there to score goals on the opposition. It's how you manage both of those objectives that will determine the outcome of any game.

You can't win the game without balancing the defense with the offense!

Sometimes during a game the opposition begins to surge forward, relentlessly, placing you under extreme pressure. You respond by asserting defensive moves to stop that opposition. But the opponent's attack keeps coming without any let up and the danger is that your focus will begin to shift, solely to defend. The danger becomes that you will forsake the offense in the interest of playing good defense.

When you forsake the offense because you now must play defense, you run the risk of playing off balance. You run the risk of losing your game. When you play off balance then you are no longer a contender.

You can't win the game without balancing the defense with the offense!

The games that we play in our lives also require a balanced approach. There will be those times when you will find yourself under attack. There will be times when you will encounter an ongoing string of obstacles. Will you choose to solely defend so that you don't lose too badly? Or will you continue to seek and take advantage of opportunities to go on the offensive so that you remain in the game and position yourself for the win.


How will you choose to play?

That's my two cent's (for whatever it's worth),

Auguste Roc

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