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My Two Cents: Un-Naturally Selective

Auguste Roc

"That is a word that is not in my vocabulary!"

This is the personal mantra of someone I used to know.

Years ago, I played basketball with a guy who loved to proudly proclaim what words he would refuse to use; words he would just not even listen to, as part of his attempt to insure a winning outcome.

I remember how, if someone were to mention, let's say the word "lose" or any term that referred to not winning or expressed even the slightest hint of doubt, guaranteed, this guy would be quick to respond:

"That is a word that is not in my vocabulary!"

This phrase became his calling card. And anyone that hung out with him did so with the understanding that the use of any disempowering words was absolutely prohibited.

Few thought it was obnoxious, most would come to eventually admire and respect where he was coming from and why he said what he said.

You almost have to respect a guy who is willing to take a firm stand about the results that he wants and who is willing to demonstrate the required discipline to make good on his threats, don't you?

And, you have to give it to a guy who recognizes the consequences and the rewards of the choices he makes and so, makes his choices wisely.

This same guy went on to establish himself as a winner in every arena of his life.

The proof was in the pudding.

That's my two cent's (for whatever it's worth).

Auguste Roc

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