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My Two Cents: Free Speech

Auguste Roc

I'd rather take a stand and risk being on the unpopular side of an issue, than to remain quiet, especially when somebody needs to know what I think. And, in a situation where my opinion is the one that is supposed to matter, I feel a particular obligation to speak up.

It's confusing, counter productive and chaotic when the voice that is designated to make the call chooses instead, to be silent.

Imagine having to wait and wait and wait and keep waiting for the umpire to call "you're out" or "he's safe" at the end of a critical play.

What would happen if a quarterback kept his team in the huddle indefinitely because he was unwilling to say what he thought about what he wanted to do?

Everyday, people everywhere are faced with the often uncomfortable prospect of having to take responsibility for an outcome by having to take a stand. And everyday, people everywhere choose to take the easy way out because -

"I'd just rather not".

Complacency doesn't work, not when courage is what is required. When we choose to make the call we draw the line by saying out loud what it is that we think, based in part by what we stand for and why, regardless of where the chips may or may not fall - stuff gets done.

That's my two cents (for whatever it's worth).

Auguste Roc

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