From Dana's Guests

My Two Cents: On Automatic

Auguste Roc

I sized him up quickly and then, satisfied with my assessment and surprised that I took the time to notice, I conscientiously reached into my pocket and pulled out a five dollar bill.

I was feeling energized and awake as I left the gym and I was looking forward to having a productive day, so I figured "why not spread the joy around".

As I approached the old man, leaning against the building, sporting a full grey beard, I noticed his cane and felt good about my decision not to pass him by. His clothes were slightly worn and his fedora was little disheveled. In his right hand -- his cane. In his left hand -- a paper cup.

I felt a connection, like I was in the right place at the right time and in the right frame of mind to help an old man in need. So, with a sense of purpose and self satisfaction I dutifully walked over to him with my money in my hand and as I reached over to drop it in the cup he pulled it back and took a sip of the hot black coffee that was inside.

I sized him up -

(too) quickly...

That's my two cent's (for whatever it's worth).

Auguste Roc

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