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My Two Cents: Relish!

Auguste Roc

"What a hot dog?!"

What do you mean --

"What a hot dog"?

I was watching an NBA basketball game last Friday night when one of the network announcers said,

"What a hot dog!"

He was describing one of the basketball players who stopped to celebrate a play. After his "What a hot dog" remark, he added,

"There is no place in the game for this type of behavior."


The player, that "hot dog" that he was referring to, was literally half the size of his giant opponents, yet he caught the ball, dribbled it and then leaped towards the basket as if gravity ceased to exist! In one sweeping motion this "hot dog" dunked the ball over, what may as well have been, a bunch of outstretched oak trees, and-


The fans, his coach, his team mates, all leaped to their feet to cheer and applaud this unexpected and spectacular play.

What a hot dog?

This young player is all of five feet seven inches tall and he has managed to land in a league that is designed for giants; the best and most gifted seven foot tall athletes in the world.

In life, when you score - big time - CELEBRATE! Don't wait for permission. And when some body makes a disempowering comment, from the sidelines, from the outside looking in,



Just keep servin' 'em up!

That's my two cents (for whatever it's worth),

Auguste Roc

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