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My Two Cents: Who Is?

Auguste Roc

It all begins again.

The annual NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament got kicked-off last week, and, as in every year, you can expect an unexpected determined "David" or two to step up and take down a confident Goliath.

This year, our reality was altered with a surprising upset that stunned me and no doubt disrupted the way we fans think about what is, and, how things will be in world of college basketball.

David slays Goliath and he does it in round one.

The Rams of Virginia Commonwealth beat the Duke Blue Devils, 79-77, on a shot made in the final seconds of the game.

Duke, a college basketball powerhouse, rich in tradition and legacy, understood to be the GIANT that rules and always will (?), experienced the unimaginable -

A loss and by - who did you say that team was again?

How they managed to pull this off is summed up by Ram's head coach in this way:

"{We did it by} being able to focus, and not getting caught up in the past history of what Duke has accomplished."

Here's the thing:

When you want to conquer the GIANT you've got to be fearless. You can't keep rehearsing why GOLIATH is so great. You've got to focus on your own game and determine, with confidence, that you will be the victor when it's all said and done.

With laser beam intention and with whatever weapons you've got at your disposal, never be overly impressed with the opposition. Pursue your opponent with everything you've got and -

experience the unimaginable

That's my two cents (for whatever it's worth),

Auguste Roc

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