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My Two Cents: The Natural

Auguste Roc

Gussie, my eleven year old daughter, plays the violin. She has been playing for almost three years.

Her violin instructor has recommended that she audition for a summer violin camp. The camp is for gifted students and the kids have to send in an audition portfolio which includes a video taped performance as part of the application process.

This weekend we recorded her audition.

So, the accompanist is set at the keys, the videographer is ready to roll camera, the sound devices are ready to go, Gussie has received final coaching from Gwen, her instructor, "Mom and Dad" are waiting nervously -- everything is in place and now its just time for her -

to deliver.

Gussie steps up to the music stand, places her violin on her shoulder, raises her bow and begins to play.

And for the next few minutes we were all mesmerized by the sounds that we heard. Gussie played poetry! She played Bach and Puccini and it was her best performance ever!

That she was magnificent, was not so surprising. What was a little bit unexpected was that --

she nailed it on the first take.

She stepped up to the plate and with one single swing she hit a homerun!

Granted, there was a lot of work, preparation, time and hours of practice which made this winning moment possible, but when it was time to deliver that is exactly what she did.

Anything that you endeavor in life; any project or goal will require preparation, discipline and some sacrifice, but when it is your time to deliver, determine that you will "show up" so that your preparation will pay off.

When it is your time to play, be ready to step up to the plate and knock a home run right over the wall!

That's my two cents (for whatever it's worth),

Auguste Roc

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