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My Two Cents: Don't Wait To Warm Up

Auguste Roc

Once the bell rings, the fight is on.

Once the bell rings, the fight is on. It's time to get it on or end up knocked out and lying on your back.

If you've ever watched a boxing match, you've noticed that, the moment both boxers step into the ring, they are already sweating and breathing heavily -- before the fight has even begun. Boxers understand that their preparedness takes place prior to the sound of the first round bell.

World class sprinters step into their starting blocks with the understanding that once they're set and the gun sounds, every second counts. They are "off to the races" right from the start. They have to hit their stride right off the bat and give an all out, no holds barred, super effort, all the way to the finish line.

Players -- real players, understand that how you show up, how you prepare and how you choose to play, from beginning to end, will make the difference in determining the outcome of any Game.

Whatever your Game - show up ready to play!

Come prepared and be ready to play before the game even begins.

Make sure you've warmed up before you even step on the court!

Don't wait until you are already playing to hit your stride. By then it just might be --

too late.

That's my two cent's (for whatever it's worth).

Auguste Roc

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