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My Two Cents: The Substance Of Things Hoped For

Auguste Roc It's that time of year again.

Super Bowl XLI is here.

The annual National Football League Championship will be played in a few days. Along with this major event is the media hype and the flood of statistics that will monopolize the air waves from now to kick-off.

Earlier this week I was talking to a couple of friends about the endless stream of Super Bowl "noise"; all of the macro and micro football statistics that we have come to depend on as part of the game.

The avid fan loves all this stuff and can be counted on to sift through all of these facts, the macro as well as the micro. It's all part of the required pre-Super Bowl ritual. These "die hard" fans will carefully look for and listen to as many facts as they can handle and later they will use it as ammunition in their debates on which players are better and which team will win.

The teams take these numbers statistics seriously too. They invest significant resources and time to collect, review, and analyze all of this information in preparation for the big game.

Each team will methodically study then develop strategy as they plan their counter attack, all based on science, logic and reason.

True, the statistics, the numbers, all help to measure and realistically predict which one will win in the end.

But --

When, where and how do you factor in those qualities that you can't measure with a stick?

The intangible qualities like -

Desire and drive, hunger and heart, faith and fearlessness, focus and just pure guts!

"Intangible" could be described as -

a colloquial expression for a quality in an individual or group of individuals, especially those organized in an official group which affect performance but are not readily observable. They are often cited as a reason for performance which is surprisingly better than expected.

An intangible quality is something that can not be reduced to an entry on a graph, but it will factor itself in as part of any winning formula.

It is a factor that provides the winner's edge.

No game worth playing has ever been won, that the winner didn't lay his heart, soul and guts all out on the line…

This past weekend, after being ranked #81, Serena Williams beat her opponent to a pulp - mercilessly, for, not only the win but for the championship. There were no numbers on a page that could have -

measured or predicted that.

That's my two cent's (for whatever it's worth).

Auguste Roc

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