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My Two Cents: Indivisible

Auguste Roc

I never expected that I would get all caught up in the excitement of a Presidential Inauguration the way that I have gotten caught up in the Inauguration of Barack Obama, I guess because, until now, I never really entertained the possibility of being completely enrolled.

This time it's different. This time -

It's really going to happen!

God bless America!

The image of President-elect Obama riding the train from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. moved me because it represented, for me, the culmination of a lifetime of courage and hard work.

I, like many, tuned into this story only two years ago when he first announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America, but his journey is one that started a long time ago.

There are many people that have sacrificed over several generations that Barack Obama stands where he is today and -

Now, we each have the opportunity to continue on this journey with him in the hopes of pursuing something that is beyond what has been...

I am completely enrolled.

That's my two cents (for whatever it's worth).

Auguste Roc

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