About Dana

Dana On Work

Living these days takes courage. It really does. I am inspired by the kind of courage that I see all around me - everyday.

I am most inspired by people who are willing to take risks for what it is they really want.

Sometimes life leads you to a fork in the road and you are faced with the question:

Which way do I go?

But if you are lucky, life will lead you to the top of a very high cliff with nowhere else to go but straight ahead. Then you are faced with the question:

Will I trust that I can fly?

When people are willing to take a leap of faith and trust that they will fly - that is why I do this work - for the privilege of living in those moments.

I admire people who are willing to take a stand for someone else to win and I celebrate people who are willing to go the distance and find out what they are made of!

The work that I do is about People going beyond.

My work is about:
All People Being Heard. All People Being Inspired.
It's about:
People Being Outrageously Successful And Happy, Causing The Miraculous And An Expanded Point Of View, Loving Who They Are And What They Are Doing NOW,

Risking Everything For Anything Is Possible!
Head back to the top.