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Family - I got lucky in that department. When I met Auguste, I found my home.

Our daughter Gussie is a freshman at Harvard. She is a writer and a photographer and interested in a writing and filmmaking career. We did really hit the jackpot when Gussie came along. She is one in a million and she keeps us on our toes.

My family, Auguste and Gussie. They really are at the core of who I am. They make life fun and they are the source of so much of my "why?"

My family is -

The Dana Roc Foundation.

Auguste Roc
Hey. It's me -- Auguste -- but you can call me:

Mr. Roc.

Though some people refer to me as Dana's "better half", I think that we make a pretty good team.

From time to time, I will be sharing with you, what I am up to in life, while I simultaneously share with you My Two Cents (For Whatever It's Worth) each week.

See you around!

Gussie Roc

Gussie Roc.

Nutella-loving, perpetual-hiccup-having, grand-canyon-dimple-smiling and all that poetic blah blah blah planet earth.

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