About Dana

Introducing Dana

I like being number one and first in line and –

I like to win! (I am not afraid of losing if it means that I could win.)

My favorite color is red because it’s loud and hard to miss. I take my coffee black – because I like things strong and straight to the point.

I was born and raised in Madison Wisconsin so that makes me just a little bit down to earth. I am the oldest of five kids which has always made me -


There are six things that I feel like I’m always doing:

  • Walking the dog
  • Making the coffee
  • Picking my daughter up from school
  • Making a snack for my husband
  • Being inspired, and
  • Remaining curious

I believe that everybody has something worthwhile to say if they have the opportunity to be listened to.

My favorite quote:

Sometimes life leads you to a fork in the road and you are faced with the question: Which way do I go?

But if you are lucky, life will lead you to the top of a very high cliff with nowhere else to go but straight ahead. Then you are faced with the question: Will I trust that I can fly? (But only if you're really lucky...)

--Dana Roc

I cry when I see that someone has been hurt or when someone has suffered some kind of loss and I can’t stand injustice of any kind so my boldness comes in handy.

The first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning is turn on my computer. The last thing that I do before I go to bed at night is turn off my computer.

The people closest to me know that:

I do what I do because I like participating in other people winning too...

Head back to the top.